uTorrent Version Free

Software program for downloading movies, songs, and other media torrent files

Although the majority of uTorrent users consist of youths looking to download recently released movies, free hacked software programs or song compilations by their favorite performers, we absolutely know that you're not one of those users, and all you wish to do is download non-copyrighted files of fine literature and romantic poetry written by other users across the world…
As a matter of fact, uTorrent is a file sharing software program very similar to the popular BitTorrent that was developed by the same publisher. However, due to some mysterious reasons we'll probably never know about, this software program had spread its wings and took off for other realms. Don't get us wrong, both enjoy quite an audience and although they're different from one another when it comes to their visual wrap and presentation, both are quite identical regarding to both their engines and owners. It will work just fine on almost any PC, even if you have an old and slow PC, sporting a brand new Windows operating system, the 1945 version.
Some of the software program latest version's advantages include the abilities to stream and view movies, rank and comment on torrent files (which will come in very handy in identifying viruses or files that don't actually contain the content they're supposed to), and its simple and convenient design.
More advanced users (AKA: computer geeks like us) will be thrilled to learn that the software program will provide them with detailed statistical reports, RSS feeds, automated shutdown upon download completion, download scheduler, and a variety of other advanced tools and settings.
The main shortcomings pertain to the lack of search options (why, in the name of everything sacred, are you forcing us to go "out" to websites and conduct our searches on them?), and the lack of a built in media player (again, why are you forcing us to separately download a media player?). However, in spite of these shortcomings, uTorrent have become, and rightly so, one of the most popular file sharing software programs, one you'll be happy to download and install.
Users come first